FTC Notice and Blog Disclaimer

FTC Notice
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new rules that went into effect on December 1, 2009. These rules state that product reviewers on blogs must disclose whether they received products for free or received monetary payment or other compensation for such reviews.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, I purchase products with my own money (or received them as a gift from someone else who purchased it themselves), and I review or mention them merely to express my opinion and to share information about my experiences using those products.

In addition, I generally do not want to receive products for review, and am not interested in advertising or endorsing products on this blog for monetary or other compensation.

I won't accept payment or other compensation for a review or product mention.

If you have any questions or comments about this disclaimer, please contact me at johnromeoalpha at-sign gmail.com.

Blog Disclaimer
I attempt to create content on this blog, One Speed: Go!, that is accurate and valid, but a blog is always in transition, and subject to change by me alone, at my sole discretion, at any time, for any reason I choose. That includes this blog disclaimer, as well as the FTC notice above, the copyright notice below, and this sentence itself. My opinions may change over time. The words and pictures on this blog represent the meandering thoughts of a wandering mind, and should therefore not be considered authoritative in any way.

There are aspects of cycling which entail some danger, and you ride bicycles at your own risk. If you act based on something you read here and are injured, I am not responsible. Please seek expert advice from experts. I am not an expert, and any opinions expressed here should not be taken as expert advice. Material I write and post here represents my thoughts and opinions alone, and not any other organization, club, or employer. These thoughts and opinions are based on my unique and peculiar experiences, and may not represent typical, or indeed any other repeatable, results. Your mileage may vary. I may make mistakes, please email me if you notice something factually wrong and I will do my best to correct it. External site links from here are as accurate as possible at the time of linking, but sites change all the time, and I make no guarantee that links to external sites will persist or remain correct. I am not responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says here on this blog in the comments, nor for the laws which commenters may break in my country or theirs through their comments’ content, implication, or intent.

The AUTHOR of this blog disclaims any liability from any injury that may result from the use, proper or improper, of the information contained in this blog, including comments. 

I write this blog for fun, as a creative outlet and in an effort to increase my own knowledge and understanding. It is the expression of the contents of an individual's mind. I cherish Freedom of Speech. My goal is not to be argumentative. There are plenty of other outlets for that urge online. Unless you are against steel frames. I will definitely jump all over you like a psychotic, dehydrated, sleep-deprived badger on a hunger strike if you say something negative about steel frames. 

Creative Commons License
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