Saturday, April 19, 2014

They Call Me Mellow Velo

The ground is covered with a carpet of yellow blossoms fallen from the palo verde trees, for miles and miles

Some days, some rides unfold nicely. After warmup, once the muscles find their firing rhythm and the pedals start spinning right, the bike starts to float, and feels very low-effort. The riding is easy then, and I am spurred to push a little faster, a little harder, to burn off a few more calories and a little more pent up stuff.

The light winds pushed the blossoms into rows along the path, but they covered the ground beneath the trees

Turn around at the halfway point, and discover that the wind is now at the back, and should stay that way for the twenty miles home, which brings a smile. Stop off at the cold water fountain to take the hot edge off the upper-eighties afternoon, and munch some sport jelly beans to go with all the water. With the tail wind, the sun heads behind some fluffy clouds, and subtly the afternoon turns mellow-perfect for a longer ride, acting under orders of the tail wind and the clouds. Faster, man, steady on, dive down through the underpasses and back up the other side, keep the flow going.

My mind was drifting when I hit a deep dip in the path. I was so relaxed and moving along so smoothly that the bike seemed to float right over it. The downhills were attacked, the uphills powered, the flats filled with long spinning. They call me mellow velo, and I think I want to keep doing this until long after the sun goes down.



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