Monday, April 21, 2014

The Flowers' Message is Not Lost Upon the Rocks

The flowers and their petals are modifying the message being sent originally

First, I noticed the scattered petals messing up the astroturf. Its perfect green surface is mocked by their random scattered chaos, perfume, and transience. In a few days, they'll be gone, one way or another.

Is it not bending to touch the rocks? Can you not imagine a secret being shared?

Seeing the other frond, a second joins the effort, stretching to a rock of its own
This one, getting tired of waiting, impatiently begins to stretch upwards toward the flowers

Once upon a summer here, all was quiet. The flowers and the rocks stayed in their places, the artificial turf was unmarred. See, from the post linked above:

Before the yearning and improvisation started. Everyone knew their place.

Then the yearning, the sneaking over the wall, the improvisation began. Order began to give way to emotion. The flowers gulped up the gallons of water and air and the megawatts of sunshine, and now in their ardor they reach to touch the rocks and share their message.

Do rocks speak flower? Do they require a translation of the oleander dialect? 

I may be of some assistance. If you happen to see me laying here with my head on a rock, a flower pressed to the other ear, slowly mumbling to the stone, have no concern. Talking to a rock is slow work, but very worth it, and sounds to humans like little more than low rumbling mumbling. On the other hand, flowers speak very softly, quiet as the wind. I listen, and can only hope that the flowers' message is not lost upon the rocks.



  1. Hmm, perhaps the landscape architect that created has moved to Arizona.

    1. I come from the One Big Rock school of thought. The rock should be so large and so out of place that it stops people in their tracks and makes them say something like, "Wow, what a large rock that is, sitting in the middle of that yard, hmmm." Not so large that the kids are going to climb it and fall off, however.

  2. So far the oleanders are choosing the more favorable outcome you pondered in your previous post but it might just be because they're too hard to remove.

    1. Life overcomes. That's what I heard the rocks mumbling.


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