Thursday, March 6, 2014

So Quickly We Release

So quickly we release,
and lay broken in the road.
Handle snapped.
Shaft rusted and marked with the furrows of long use.
Tire-scattered, rock-scattered.

If carefully tightened according to instructions,
pressed with the palm until resistance is felt, just,
the release stays, the lever closes.

You spin it, spin it, spin it like a fan, though,
you spin it, spin it, spin it like a fan, though,
and the lever tightens not, 
the fastener does not hold fast,
and snap! In the road it lies, 
sunning for no one.

A snapped lever offers no advantage.
A loose nut holds no stretch.
Insufficient torque may yield the fastener.
Sun-blasted, you ride off in one direction,
your wheel rolls off in another,
and there's a moment of no-time before the burn.
The saddle drops, and you ride home like some cartoon character.

So quickly we release, the last time.

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