Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sproinging Things Across the Road with My Tire

All the way to the opposite side

Ridin' along on my first morning commute after break, nice warm morning, taking my time, just getting used to the idea of going back to work....SPROING!!!! WAAAAA?? I ran over something which SPROING-POPPED out from under my front tire and shot all the way across the street. My first thought was that my tire popped, but I was still going, and no flop flop flop sound or feeling, so it wasn't that. Then I realized I must have sproinged something across the street, which made me want to go back and look.

Tire weight (see photo). I must have hit it just right, because even though it's such an irregular shape, I shot that thing right across the street. Then I thought that the clip probably ripped a good hole my tire, but I couldn't find anything. I'm sure I couldn't repeat this volume and distance again if I tried. While failing, I'm sure I would rip a hole in my tire in the attempt.

While wondering what other oblong metal objects I might run across and SPROING! across the road, right away I saw this:

SPROING! part deux

Dang, that's an unusually long Allen bolt you got there. How far do you think you could SPROING it? While not flipping it upwards and putting out an eye, of course.

Reminded me for a moment of being a kid, and once in a while aiming for an acorn, when I lived where there were lots of them on the pavement in the fall, just to see how far I could sproing it. One perfect shot, I thought I hit a house in my neighborhood with a rather loud THWACK. Which caused me to cut down on my acorn sproinging at least a bit.

There must be a better name for it than "sproinging".


  1. On my GAPCO trip this past fall I flung (that's my word for it) a stone and hit my girlfriend in the leg. And how many times have I -- inadvertently of course -- flung a stone and hit a passing car? Too numerous to mention...

    1. Sproinging / flinging stuff is usually a good sign, anyway, at the moment of the sproing sound, anyway, since it usually means the object has not stuck into the tire, but has been instead roundly rejected from it. Mountain biking on rocky trails brings on a whole new level of rock and pebble throwing, of course. In motocross they call it roost.

  2. Spriddawingtingthwap!
    Onomatopoeia don't you know.


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