Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Old Year! Life as Epic Journey

You gonna ride onto some rocks sometimes...

Once told a girl I would write her a poem....

I took Lovely Bicycle's advice and went for a Happy Old Year ride. I shared that sentiment with several people along the way. The route I chose was a familiar one, a path along the Arizona Canal that I've taken so many times that I've sometimes thought of it as my default route. Today, though, December 31 and nearly 70F, sunny warm and still, it felt somewhere in the neighborhood of perfection. 

And I thought: rather than cling to the thought/hope/illusion/construct/standard that tomorrow, next month, next year, will be better than today because it has to be, what if I looked at life as an epic journey instead? What if the story so far, with its ups and downs, good and bad, is the first part of the epic, and what comes after is the rest? 

Happy Old Year! The last day of the first part of the epic!

What I think, so far:
  • Seize opportunities when they arise.
  • You never know what effects seemingly small actions will have
  • If you seek a new path, then you have to take that unknown turn

The path less taken: I took it today. Yeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa.

Sometimes life on the rocks is beautiful

...still working on that poem.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Marsha! Having celebrated the old year, let's now go forth and grab 2014 like the maniacal mechanical bull that it's likely to be, and ride it until we exceed the contest's stipulated time limit!


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