Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Riding with One Big Bag

Hey! A watch! That's where I put it

I commute to work with a big old bag that holds everything: clothes, laptop, tools, papers, pens, toiletries, jacket, all in one bag. It's simple, and usually quick, but it does tend to cause items to disappear in its depths, possibly lost forever. For example, I think there's a road tube in there somewhere, but I haven't seen it for weeks. There may be a folding torx driver, but I don't know for sure. 

This evening, while digging out the light bag in case it got dark during the commute, which is an increasing possibility, I spotted something shiny in the bottom of the bag. Shiny things grab my attention easily. It turned out to be a long-lost watch! I don't even remember the exact circumstances which caused me to chuck the watch into the bag in the first place. I think it was on a hot summer day and it just wasn't comfortable any more. Anyway, I was pleased to find it, and happy to see it still showed the correct time.

I still prefer the one big bag approach. But it can get kind of chaotic in there. I'm tempted to dump the whole thing out on the floor to see what I might find. Maybe that monocular I lost a year ago would show up. No, wait, I never actually owned a monocular. Did I? If I did but it's not in there, I can't really be sure, and if I never did, but it is in there, well that would have other implications. Probably better to not dump it all out, not tonight, anyway. Perhaps this calls for a more organized bag methodology? Pah! I'll write out that plan, and put it into the bag for future reference.


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