Monday, September 9, 2013

Bike Commuting Burning Bright and Dark

This series of photos spans just two minutes. I left work a little early, since several people told me that it was getting dark in the west, while it was gorgeous blue sunshine overhead. Since it stormed most of the day, this struck me as sound advice, and the sudden fall of cloud-induced ominous darkness emphasized the point.

Questions of the day, which the clouds seemed to answer:

Would the morning bike commute lighten what was a pretty heavy mood? YES
Would the sun get blotted out by the dark line of clouds? YES
What's the maximum age for attending Burning Man? YOUNGER THAN ME
Would the dark clouds dump water on me? NOT IF I RODE FAST ENOUGH
Did I ride fast enough? YES
Would a clever costume hide my age sufficiently for Burning Man? NO NOT LIKELY
How dark would it get once the clouds hid the sun? DARKER THAN I EXPECTED
How fast would the clouds cover the sun? TWO MINUTES
Is there another way for an old guy to see Burning Man? YES: DRONE
Would the evening bike commute lighten what was a pretty dark mood? PARTLY
Would riding faster to beat the rain do the rest? YES
Why all this stuff about Burning Man? BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON BIKES
With age such a formidable obstacle why not forget about it? BIKE REPAIR ART PARTY
How was work today? BIKE REPAIR ART PARTY
Do you always ride in the rain? YES I LOVE RIDING IN THE RAIN. MUD ALSO
Doesn't it mess up your bike? IT'S CALLED BEAUSAGE (pronounced "byoo-sage")
What's the forecast for tomorrow? MORE OMINOUS DARKNESS, NO B.R.A.P.
The bike commute will make it all good, right? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO
Any other comments? I THINK I NEED A DRONE


  1. That's a lot o'questions for so early in the morning.
    I'm usually just: where's my socks?

    As far as the drone goes, maybe one day NSA will give us internetz access to one of them KH11 thingys.
    Or a KH12.
    Or 13.
    Or something.

    1. Maybe a surplus one. Slightly used. Film capsules, though, not sure where we're gonna get those.


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