Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Antifractious Cycling

Stop light, from center lane, bicycle

Hi, do you have everything? Need a tube or a patch or something? I have tools.

Where do you want to go? Go down there four blocks, turn right by the coffee cart, look for the orange sign with the bicycle under it. Can't miss it.

Good morning! Hello! Looking good.

No, after you, I insist.

Here, take it, I don't need it anyway. I've been carrying it in my commute bag for four years and never used it once. You take it.

You need a light? I have an extra. This one wraps around the handlebar, easy on.

Here, can I make a suggestion? Don't just put that U-lock through the front wheel, see? Someone can just quick release it and take off with the rest of the bike. Through the frame.

No, after you. I am not in any hurry at all. Smile. Wave. I'm enjoying the ride.

Love that basket. Love it. Are those cushions for a puppy or something? Really? Where is he?

No, seriously, if you line up your front tire between the wires in the middle, this light will turn green in one minute and forty-two seconds. I do it every day. Watch this.

That's a Gambel's quail family. The little ones hatched a few weeks ago. They hung out in that big yard over there, but now they seem to run across the street in a frantic line right around commute time. Usually the cars stop.

That's a tiny free library. Take a book, leave a book. I have enough cycling books to give them, I think they will need a tiny shed hanging off the bottom.

I think a car must have hit it. Poor kitty, I think she's gone now. Maybe the owner lives around here. Let's ask that guy to see if he knows who it belongs to.

Yes, I have some Sport Beans. They're sour, but they do the trick.

You look lost. Yes, the map flapping in the wind that you are turning around and around kind of gave it away. British? Yeah? What are you looking for? OK, first, you're walking in exactly the wrong direction. It's about six blocks that way, then take a right.

Art? Yes, what are you interested in?

Yes, you can pick them, a few anyway, no one will care. The ones planted in grids are usually edible, the ones planted in straight lines along the sidewalk are usually sour. There are some public pomegranates about half a block that way, if you're interested.

That restaurant has bike tools, dog watering stations, and good beer. Any questions?

Hey, could I ask you a question?

There are about seven Italian restaurants within a mile of here, can you be more specific?

Food trucks? Why, yes there are.

There's a cold water fountain about half a mile down that way.

Those clouds? Those are August clouds. But this cool weather, it's just freakish.  

Yes, school does start tomorrow. The streets will be just a little bit crazier, won't they. So turn the awareness and patience up a few notches, and the hurry-up down several.

Could I ride slower? I don't know, let's find out.



  1. Excellent again. This is one to share widely.

  2. Spoken by a true bike rider, one who knows how to observe, enjoy, teach, and learn. This post made me smile. Thank you.

  3. The day is clear and warm, my friends, the bicycles tuned and ready. On such a day, we should ride! If not far and fast, then slow, and fun, perhaps up the hill to camp, or down to the lake for a lazy afternoon. Fall is just around the corner. Autumn, my dark and moody friend. Before she gets her, we must gather up summer while we can!


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