Monday, July 15, 2013

The Drama Does Not Translate Well

Sun in front, dark clouds behind

On the ride home tonight the sky, clouds, sun, wind, thunder and threatening rain were dramatic, but nearly impossible to catch all at once with the camera. The pylons at the Soleri Bridge were lit by bright sunlight from behind me, and set against the dark storm clouds, but the photo barely captures it. Perhaps it is only with the usual backdrop, blazing blue skies, seared into brain, that the clouds look so distinctive. The drama does not translate, though.

I also noticed some of those multicolored triangle flags whipping in the wind strung along some construction cones along the trail, and wondered if they were inspired by Tibetan prayer flags. Which, as I reread that sentence, probably translates even less well. Lucky I didn't even try to take a photo of those, or spend the time to check the color sequences to see if they matched or not. Wouldn't that be something, though, if they did.

Bright and dark

Caught my eye

Good for sun, not for wind


  1. I've only briefly passed though the SW US, but your photos make me feel that I missed a chance to explore a very different part of the country than the one I live in.
    It is unlikely that I will have the opportunity to travel to that part of the world anytime soon. But oddly enough, cycling has made my Midwest rootedness easier to bear. The world is larger and the details clearer by bike. Thanks for bringing us a part of your corner of the world.

    Longer thoughts here :

    1. The pull to visit is stongest in the winter. Check back in six months and see if it's not irresistible. Ever do RAGBRAI?

    2. I did the first day last year when it started in my town. It was the first group ride I'd ever done, and the first ride longer than 30 miles. I'll never forget having to strain to be heard over the hum of those thousands of tires. I joke it took 20,000 cyclists to convince me to give biking a try. Now I'm leading group rides and training for a century, amazing what a year can change.

      If you'd like to do RAGBRAI next year, it'll probably be somewhere in my neck of the woods, I'll gladly put you up for a night

    3. Cool, thanks Nathan. Riding in a kind of parallel existence to yours, my odds of RAGBRAI next year look extremely low at this time. But we never know, do we. I do believe I would find joy in the hum of thousands of bike tires on an Iowa road.


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