Friday, July 19, 2013

Scaffold the Sun

Thoughts can be affected by other thoughts. I wish to be happy. I think about how to think happy. I have a reasonable chance to figure out how to create happy thought patterns with other thoughts working it out. On the other hand, I may wish to find a pot of gold hovering in mid-air beneath the end of this crane, but I doubt that any amount of my thoughts could possibly cause that to be so. Thinking can possibly do one but not the other. That distinction is crystal clear, sharp as a crane silhouetted against the sun. Probably clear to most. It's everything in between that gets fuzzy and interesting, though. Particularly things that really matter, like person to person. Who knows about that? The limits of what might be accomplished, I mean. I sure don't. Is it rash to think, to wish: more than we know?

This caught my eye. Then my mind. Then, tiny chance, possibly, for a moment, yours. QED. 

fuzzy and interesting

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