Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Bicycle, That Magnificent Procrastination Machine

Important things to do and places to ride...wait! Ducklings in the canal! Priorities, man, priorities!

They barely kept ahead of the current, looking like they would be swept away, then skipped forward.

On this hot afternoon, I wanted to jump in with them, as they had a better spot than I did.

The oleanders grew back from stumps. Life conquers destruction. Just add water and sunshine.

OK, that's it, now back to work after this short diversion from the bike lane. Look for updates here on the ducks and oleanders as their growth warrants and procrastination enables.


  1. Sometimes I wish our oleanders weren't so hardy. They seem to exist in that state of not-really thriving but hanging in there. Maybe we should cut ours back, too.

    1. I am very impressed with the way these bounced back. Similar to some olive tree cutbacks I've seen, it's amazing they end up resembling their former selves relatively quickly. Although they have their annoying characteristics, their exuberant flowers won me over.

  2. Flowers and ducklings are certainly high on the list of things to look at. Thanks.


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