Thursday, May 9, 2013

Found on Road Bike Tool

What a Park Tool IB-2 looks like after being dropped in the street and run over multiple times by SUVs

If there's a "Bike Friendly Universe" list, a top ten picked by the overlords of the multiverse, then I nominate this one, this now, for dropping this article of beausage into my bike lane on this fine late Spring commute. Everything still works. Just a little rough around the edges. Hey, that reminds me of someone. I like to think of it as non-slip knurling. 


  1. Very nice. I saw a drill bit this morning but it was in the middle of a busy intersection so I passed - safety, you know.

    1. I had to wave off one SUV that wanted to run this over. It looked like it had already seen the bottom of enough 225/65R17s for one tool.

  2. Last time I saw such, it was on Highway 10 and somehow stopping didn't seem like a good idea.

  3. Steve I envision a remote electromagnetic pick-up with a handlebar actuation button for such circumstances.


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