Friday, May 17, 2013

Lock Up Effectively When You Bike to Work

Good lock, bad technique: the front wheel quick release could mean all that is left behind is the wheel.

When you bike to work, make sure you lock up effectively to increase your chances of finding your ride where you left it. Nothing is perfect security, but there are better and worse levels of security. 

For ways not to lock up, see these posts on this blog, and for suggestions on how to lock up more effectively, see my yellow card, and also check the internet for videos and further instructions on locking up with a u-lock.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Found on Road Bike Tool

What a Park Tool IB-2 looks like after being dropped in the street and run over multiple times by SUVs

If there's a "Bike Friendly Universe" list, a top ten picked by the overlords of the multiverse, then I nominate this one, this now, for dropping this article of beausage into my bike lane on this fine late Spring commute. Everything still works. Just a little rough around the edges. Hey, that reminds me of someone. I like to think of it as non-slip knurling.