Friday, January 4, 2013

Cat1, Cat2: Disturbed Ground

Cat1 at work
Cat 1 was at work on the Arizona Canal Multi-use Path project in Scottsdale, looks like tearing out a ramp-thing that deserved tearing out, to be replaced with something better. I included a photo of this ramp (and complained a bit about it) in a post on 8/16/2010 about the Canalscape exhibit.

Now gone, fallen prey to Cat 1, and not going to be missed, to be replaced with something more practicable

Just as I took the picture of cat1, I saw cat2, stalking the disturbed earth.

Notice the clipped ear: not the usual meaning of "fixed" on this blog

Based on the look on his face, I believe the cat is suggesting that I go for a long ride, somewhere away from his little patch of disturbed earth. I'm OK with that. In fact, that's sort of what I was imagining the weekend would be like anyway. I'll be back this way often, after the new ramp and canal path improvements are done, though, little kitty.


  1. If you were riding to work, then it'd be Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 6!

    1. Only those who imbibe the daily nectar of the race to work have tasted its sweet victories and its bitter defeats. The giants of the sport gather in their quiet clutches of post-race reflection, to talk in hushed tones about He Who Was Dropped while caught behind the city bus at the stop, and She Who Was Stopped by a major basket malfunction at the base of the Col. But all who ride cat6 do so with honor, and undying devotion to the ride and the race, for none who run the race finish without glory.

  2. I'm glad the felines around there are being TNR'ed and cared for.

    1. Yes, they appear to be doing well out there, generally.


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