Sunday, October 14, 2012

Surreal Real Intentional from the Bike Lane

So green, so rocky, so clearly intentional

Until recently, this was a scruffy strip of dirt and weeds with a decrepit, woody cactus slowly crumbling. Then this stark and bold design appeared. I am drawn to the contrast between the highly artificial plastic turf and the evenly placed stones. Stones like these evoke wild places, mountains and highlands, rushing rapids and chill air. Regular spacing on fake grass and with a clear relationship with the cut-outs in the wall is also part of the composition.

I could interpret it as a bold and despairing view of the ultimate victory of entropy over life. Thermodynamics are inescapable. Christoper Wren and Inigo Jones might pause here, scratch their considerable knoggins for a moment, then nod knowingly before passing by. To sum it up, the bottom line is that eventually a three mile wide space rock traveling many times the speed of sound will smash into the earth and cause an ELE.

Or just a trap for an over-observant bicycle commuter who notices such things, and can't help but stop and wonder. The oleanders behind the wall will decide it for me. Will life overcome? Or do the rocks win? Or does technology (the plastic turf and the even spacing of the hand of Man) intervene to postpone the inevitable? Can we impose order and slow down thought to blunt the arrow of time? 

I'm watching to see if they do anything with those oleanders behind the wall before the sun goes supernova

Here is a clear reference to chaos and order, intent and randomness, entropy, design, and species extinction


  1. Those look like relatives to those at

  2. Clearly a landscaping faux pas.


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