Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Signs in the Darkness, Flying at Night

Arcing across the six lane road in a lull in the traffic, I felt the cool night air around me, as my awareness flowed through my legs bound to the pedals bound to the chain bound to the road spinning along. This perfect fall desert night, the quiet street, the freedom of just flying along the road, all these lit up my happy centers, and I just wanted to go faster and smoother, to stretch out the moment into hours.

The first thing I saw were his lights, pure white in front, blinking in back, across the road, coming toward me but on the far side. I could see both lights because he was rocking the bike, standing on the pedals, sprinting up the sometimes-busy road as if chasing something, or running from traffic, but this time, if was just him, flying. He was cranking, a flash of lyrca and LED in the night.

I saw signs floating in the darkness; I saw a cyclist flying at night. 

Polylube pipe joint lubricant. Also possibly good for bicycle chains (wet)


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