Monday, October 15, 2012

Public Domain Pomegranates, and A Path Shot

This pomegranate is licensed under the Creative Commons free-in-hand walk by and take one license

Two photos and some quick comments from a glorious Sunday early fall Phoenix canal ride.

I've posted photos and pix of all the citrus that falls off trees around here in season, but we have plenty of other fruit, too, including pomegranates, if you know where to look. In past years my kids and I have enjoyed a few off these handy producers. The ROI for work vs. fruit goodness is low, but tasty. This year, though, since I finished reading Gary Taubes' low carb book last night, and feeling the need to drop a few pounds, I rode on by the tempting scarlet globes of sugary goodness poison. This read, and slight change in eating lifestyle, was brought to me by Grant Petersen, after hearing him at Pedalcraft, reading his book, watching the Gary Taubes talk at Walnut Creek linked off Rivbikes, and checking out some of the related cycling ramblings and discussions on the topic. 

Then, more or less just wandering around looking for something appropriately stunning to photograph, hoping for cyclists spinning down a scenic city path, but found only myself out there at that particular moment. Murphy's Bridle Path was a fun, quick little diversion, with Central Avenue noticeably quiet on Sunday afternoon. I rode back and forth squinting up my eyes and looking waaaaaay down the path for other cyclists to photograph beneath the spreading green canopy, but it was just me and Bip out there, at that moment. Maybe I would have seen some if I had stopped for that public domain pomegranate.  

Murphy Bridle Path

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