Friday, September 14, 2012

My First Visit to the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel

Come on in, have a look around, perhaps you'll see something you like...

My first visit to the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel in Bisbee, AZ, left me feeling both morose and elated. Morose: roads not ridden, trips not taken, races never run, regrets, missed connections, sunsets long gone, beautiful lithe racing machines I'll never own. Elated: beautiful machines that might actually be possessed and ridden, some of the most excellent steel tubing ever formed by the hands of man into machines you can ride, graceful bicycles that take your breath away. Expertly restored. With many miles ahead of them. Turning my attention to the rides and miles yet ahead of me.

I realize this is more about the bike porn than words. Take a look at this first one, which my eyes settled on with lust and yearning as I entered the store:

Alex Singer Touring, 1972

may I....touch your lugs?

And that was just the beginning of my bicycle brothel adventure. The French one a bit too much perhaps? Out of reach? How about this one, also worthy of unbridled adulation?

Bridgestone MB-1. Looked a little small for me, else I would have been $900 poorer instantly. But maybe...

Monsters of the sport, riding their monster machines, covering the wall

Just in case you want your shifting to feel as if your derailleurs are perfectly connected to your mind

Oh the saddles!

Bates diadrant front forks

Ken Wallace, Bicycle Brothel Proprietor

On the one hand, browsing these classic machines, my own minor 20k daily commute on my own minor machine tends to pale in comparison. On the other, a visit here raises so many possibilities, opens so many avenues, inspires and offers confirmation, validation, and of course, purchase opportunities. There's nothing wrong with a dream to ride something like this along back roads in France some day. Or just to sweeten my daily 20k. I'll be back. With $900 in my pocket. Thinking of Eddy and Alex.  


  1. What a truly stunning place to visit.....I would think that you need to enter with no credit cards and no cash, otherwise you could come out a lot of dollars poorer - but richer in the bike stable dept.....


    1. In particular it was the classic, British-made bikes with elaborate lug work which stopped me in my tracks, Trevor. If I dream of riding around rural England haunting swap meets seeking out such objects, I only wonder how many I could possibly carry at one time on a bicycle of any type.

  2. Beautifully cool bike shop. I could hang out there all day.

    1. My family claimed that I did just that. Which is a total exaggeration, I tell you. It was no more than a couple hours. Followed by talking about it for a couple hours. Followed by thinking about going back and buying something for...well, constantly.

  3. How 'bout the lugs on that Hetchins!

    1. When I have trouble falling asleep, I have only to imagine the Hetchins, and riding it, and my troubles spin away.

  4. And, as things are turning, it may have been your last; sadly:

    "Bisbee Bicycle Brothel closing its doors; moving online"


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