Friday, September 7, 2012

Leverage and Durability

PW-4 pedal wrench, very stout Ritchey pedals, rebuilt Eggbeaters

The PW-4 wrench combined with good technique makes removal almost effortless for pedals with wrench flats. Would it be untoward to grind flats onto those which lack them?  I would like to speak with the designer who decided to do away with wrench flats on pedal spindles. I have objections.

The Ritcheys have lasted forever and I took them off only because I'm less happy with the shoes the matching cleats are attached to. Also, I've sort of standardized on the Eggbeaters for clipless applications due to ease of use and flexibility: my bikes tend to go everywhere, and so do these pedals, and they just keep working. The Ritcheys are easily serviced and also rebuildable. They are currently in the "clean and service" queue. They seem to have been designed and overbuilt and made to last, as opposed to newer pedals which appear to be needlessly light / "aero" / carbon. I just need some footstompers to hook into and sometimes smash accidentally into rocks without falling apart. If they don't throw sparks when you dip into stone at speed and keep going, I don't want 'em.


  1. I have a pair of Ritcies that look just like yours except mine are black instead of red.

    1. They last a long time, don't they? Have you rebuilt yours yet? Regrease 'em?


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