Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Assimilation In Yo Face

Flying through concrete and steel space, the green probe sought out new regions of fertile dirt, in vain

Broadway Green, sculpture with nature, Steel and Green, it was all a little disturbing to have it elevated and stuck in your face like this. Do not touch, also, a maddening sign on something so urgently needing to be touched, at eye and hand level, in a pedestrian region in and around Times Square. It works though, it really does: think green. Lifted, elevated, you can't avoid this visual pitch from the living breathing leafy chlorophyll demographic: if this looks out of place, u r doing it wrong.



  1. People talk about green roofs, but just imagine the possibilities of greening Borg cubes. Borg drones could be given new lives tending crops, and a species once viewed as a menace to the galaxy could instead become a race of peaceful farmers.

  2. David, exactly. This is actually part of the Borg's latest PR rebranding campaign, where they are "going green" to work on shining up their brand, and moving away from the former all-consuming destroyer of souls/planets image they used to have, which was so 1980s, and more or less locked them out of several key target markets. There are exciting rumors of an app soon to be released, and even integration with tablets.


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