Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Turtle Flower Blog Lockdown!

Keeping his eye open, lock at the ready

Got to ride off and away from the blog for a little while for some family time. I'm leaving flower turtle in charge while I'm away, and he's got a lock ready just in case. Also, I've got some big bike things in the early planning stages for the next year, including one where I've already started joking around at work about taking nine weeks off in 2013. We'll see what if anything actually comes of that, but it's one of those things that may just have a way of getting worked out. My advice while I'm off-blog: go for a ride, enjoy the summer, and fly straight, cause flower turtle got his eye on you. Here, have some cactus, catch you when I catch you.

I'm of two minds regarding the symmetrically arrayed cactus designs


  1. Enjoy your family time......


  2. That, is a cactus garden!
    Be safe.

  3. Looks good that turtle looks locked down.


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