Thursday, June 14, 2012

There Should Be Adventure

This path swoops around the corner to the right, around the pillars, and along the canal

Wake up, eat, work, sleep. Wake up, eat, work, sleep. Repeat. When it starts to feel like that is the featured agenda for the week, or the month, it may be time for some sort of adventure to shake things up a bit. Pack up. Head out. Seek the unexpected. 

Sometimes, adventure starts on a path like this: hey, wonder where that goes...other times, it starts off a bit more structured, a bit more orderly, but then putting yourself in a strange place, outside the same old routine, maybe to try to accomplish something new or challenging, it happens. I'm working on a little something outside the normal wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat schedule. Not sure it will come together, not sure if bicycles will be involved at all, but there should be adventure. And photos. Lots of photos. I'll let you know if any adventure turns up in the process. 


  1. It's great to avoid the routine and have an adventure.....I look forward to the photographs..!


  2. I suppose all those blue skies and the palms and the cacti have a connection. The canal doesn't quite fit...

  3. Even heading towards the half century, I still love flinging a drink and a snack in my pannier and heading off to explore . . . if only for an hour or two. My curiosity always gets the better of me as I inevitably have one or two more 'I'll just see what's round the corner or over the hill' moments than my legs want. Arriving home a little later than expected and in need of a hot chocolate is half the fun.

  4. You need a bike overnight, John. I just went on a two nighter after the kids were at war and I couldn't take a whole week of my vacation with them at home. Call me a bad mom, but I don't feel guilty about it one bit. I'm a better person and parent if I can escape for a little while. Posts to come soon. You need a reprieve from the mundane. We all do.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you're up to.

  6. I did just that thing last week, exploring with no particular agenda a section of Flagstaff I had never seen, on the south side and cleverly hidden from the world.. Glad I got to see it before we leave.


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