Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good Fortune, Secured With Good Tape

The square, two-holed rubber spacer in question

I wrote about how much I like my Cygolite Expilion light for commuting. One of the reasons is that it is easy to take off the handlebar, and easy to put back on, yet very secure when attached. Some time a few weeks ago, though, I lost the small rubber two-holed square that sits inside the mount at the top, and without it, it's just not as secure. Sure, I can twist down the clamp farther and it holds, but the other spacers are much harder plastic, and they just don't perform as well as they do with the piece of rubber in place.

So what? Well, I didn't really realize that I had lost the little piece of rubber. I noticed the light wasn't clamping very well, but didn't miss the runaway spacer consciously. I had lost something, but didn't know it. A few days later, at the bike rack, though, I looked down at the ground, and saw a small square piece of rubber with two holes in it on the ground. Not something that would normally grab my attention, but the sight of it triggered something in my brain, some subconscious message, some instantaneous correlation: pick it up. Pick up the square, said my brain. You need that. So I picked it up, stuck it into my pickup pocket, and moved on. As I stuck it away, I even had a notion it belonged with the light, but didn't think about it much.

The double-sided, heavy duty tape in question

Next time I took the light out, though, I remembered. As I charged up the light, I checked my pickup pocket, and retrieved the piece of rubber. Yep, it fit inside the light mount, right over the two holes, and I could see how the adhesive that had held it was insufficient to the task. I considered different gluey substances to repair it, and settled on my old standby: heavy duty double-sided tape.

I cut two pieces to go on either side of the holes, stuck them on, then clamped the light onto the handlebar to squish it altogether, to let the adhesive cure, in what has to be one of the best clamp-up clamps in the history of double-sided tape clamping. If I was heavy duty double-sided tape being clamped up thusly, I would be all like, ooooooh, yeaaaaaa, that's what I'm talking about, clamp it dowwwwwwwwwwn.

We'll see how it works. My sense is that the little square piece of rubber is going to outlive the light mount itself now. Time, and fortuna, will tell. Ohhhh, yeaaaa, clamp me like that.


  1. If this works, I want to engage Mr. JRA on a number of consulting gigs! Good luck and, even should it fail, it is an admirable attempt.

    1. If industrial adhesives of a high-tech type are involved, sign me up.


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