Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Have Shallowed the Common Ground

In this space, separated by distance, mass, and speed, as traffic permits

I have shallowed the common ground,
seen human to human
at worse, and best,
waved hopes as saver signs,
wandered long between
hollowed and hallowed.
Thru the unseen gap I weave,
LOVE on my back, PEACE, $$$,
Whatever it takes to wake up the you in you.
A t-shirt with Kafka's face, perhaps,
or Calvin pissing on something,
that always gets a laugh of recognition.
(the comic strip character, 
not the 16th C. theologian. Although...)  
I dive into the new asphalt like a swimming pool,
play Marco Polo with the cars,
we pop up and down, and 
shout joyfully to one another,
I make as if to slam my hand on the hood
as the driver cut me off,
and instead caress the metal lasciviously, 
can you imagine,
the composure to do something like that.
I hear your engine slow when you see me,
Do you hear my breathing catch when I see you?

Provided with unnaturally smooth and pure blacktop, on shallow common ground we stand

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