Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picnic With a Fish, Scottsdale, Soleri Bridge

That's amur: welcome to the Picnic With a Fish!

I rode over to the Soleri Bridge and Plaza in Scottsdale to attend a suitably surreal-sounding event: picnic with a fish. SRP pulled a few white amur catfish (the weed-eaters who keep the canals relatively clear) out of the water and put them into large tanks around the plaza. There was dancing, there was explanatory speaking about the Spring Equinox and the functioning of the Soleri Bridge itself (covered extensively previously on this blog, here), and plenty of actual picnicking. I caught some pretty surreal fish pictures, too. Photos and video follows. This was a terrific event by Mary Lucking and Scottsdale Public Art. And I scored a parasol signed by Paolo Soleri himself, so, yeah, all is right with the world, at the present moment.

Paolo Soleri, posing at his bridge with the Movement Source Dance Company

Fish encounter the first

Fish encounter the second

Balloon trees, featuring spontaneous heat-related popping

SRP White Amur Boffins showing off their in-depth fish knowledge

The magic near-equinox semi-overcast sky (Gobi aerosols were mentioned as the cause)

Parasols! Parasols! Parasols!

No explanation required

A large blue water drop and a man wearing a catfish crown crossing a canal bridge

Parasol signed by Paolo Soleri. I want to call it a Paolosol.


  1. Way cool!
    A parasol.
    Does that make you a haberdasher?

  2. I had zero idea before reading this that you lived in such an interesting town. Loved the fish.

  3. The motto I came up with for this event: SICUT PISCES CAPIANTUR HORAE. Like fishes let the hours be caught.


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