Saturday, February 25, 2012

Utilitaire 12.4: A School Concert (and the bike parking was good)

Bike to a school concert, and a few others did, too

Checked another control off my Utilitaire-12 card tonight: a concert, including riding in the dark. My observation from this utilitaire: the parking and dropping off at school is hectic, but a bicycle gets a direct route to prime parking. 

I did the parking lot tango on the way to the bike rack

The kids sounded great, the acoustics in the gym were actually not bad. Those wooden bleachers are not ideal, but that's part of the experience, right?

Parked outside the corral, not a big fan of those derailleur-bending racks

As far as the overall Utilitaire-12 is going, I think I'm still in the running, with some fun stuff like the library, dinner, movie, and museum coming up. Still trying to convince the family to do a dinner ride together. I think I can convince them, with sufficient dessert and food inducements. I'll let you know.



  1. I like those big fences more than the "bender" racks myself...

  2. As far as I'm concerned, you got the rest of that covered!
    Hell, you MADE a movie on yer bike!

  3. I like the parking to.


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