Monday, February 13, 2012

Utilitaire 12: Any store that is not a grocery store

Canal Utilitaire path, and a lovely day to ride to any store that is not a grocery store

I rode to my second destination on my Utilitaire 12, "Any store that is not a grocery store." In this case, to the drug store to pick up various supplies, and a Valentine's Day present.

A bike which is not my bike locked up at a rack which is not a bike rack (C. Itoh, it says)

The first item I checked off the control card was the ride to work. Under "date" I wanted to write "every day", but instead chose a specific, and pleasant, one instead.

Items on the rear rack which are not grocery items (unless your grocery contains a drug store)

I am already strategizing and scheduling my next Utilitaire rides. It's a fun competition, but in truth, is also a good excuse to get out and ride more in this glorious spring weather. For example, the new blog header features African daisies in full sunshine bloom, spotted on this utilitaire. Any reason, any day, get up, go ride.

African daisies, my utilitaire riding partners for the day

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