Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Shadows of My Motivation

Some days, motivation truly follows action

Saturday and the cats sleeping all day appeared to have the right idea, to me. It was hard to get motivated to go for a ride, even though the weather was excellent, and I felt that aching need to go spin my legs for an hour or two. Sometimes, it's better to stop looking at the sleepy cats, or snoozing with them, and just get on the bike and ride. So I did.

I saw this, clicked in, and the rest was automatic

A few miles in, and all was right with the world. The sleepy cats were long forgotten when I felt the sunshine on my skin and the wind blowing around me. I passed by a person who seemed troubled and deranged, who was raging at the world and at no one as he rode his bicycle around. It struck me that there's too much rage in the world, and not enough of its opposite. So I make the effort all weekend to spread a little extra peaceful loving kindness around, and ask you to try to do the same. I plan to be decisively nice, and visibly happy, and see if that doesn't spread itself around a little bit. 

I watched a sleepy cat do a big yawn, and it made me want to purr at the raging world.



  1. I would second your thought there.....


  2. Hmm, methinks "Mr Rager" hadn't put in enough miles to settle down at the time you saw him.

    1. Steve, it was as if the whole world had made him angry, and he was out to let everyone and everything know about it.


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