Friday, February 10, 2012

Hashknife Pony Express Ride 2012 Arrives in Scottsdale

The lead riders arrive

Continuing a tradition started in 1958, the Hashknife riders cover the 200 miles from Holbrook, Arizona, to Scottsdale. Acting as honorary mail messengers, they carry first class mail and deliver it to the Postal Service at the end of the ride, which is the plaza surrounding the statue which honors this tradition, called "Passing the Legacy." Some of my photos of this statue have appeared on this blog before, but I've never been at the statue to catch the riders when the arrive. Today I was there. The day was almost hot, and I wondered how the horses handled their long ride, but they looked, well, you can see, they looked pretty magnificent.

Passing the Legacy statue in the background

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane

Postal service vehicle to accept the mail from the riders

Different cowboy hats were worn by different folks


  1. That Search and Rescue reminds me of how much I like the AZ flag, unlike the namby pamby WA one.

  2. Steve, since this our Arizona Centennial week, it's only proper that I give credit for our attractive flag to Colonel Charles Wilfred Harris, its initial designer, along with Senator Carl Hayden, and his wife, Nan Hayden, who sewed the original in 1910. It makes a nice cycling jersey, too.


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