Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art Festival In My Bike Lane

Thunderbird Artists Wine and Art Festival In My Bike Lane

The first sign was the little markers they placed on the sidewalk early in the week. They looked like places for stands, or tents, and I figured an arts festival was on the way. This one has an ice machine, and a lovely white picket fence.

Festival tents, with Soleri Bridge in the background

Of course, the piece of art that caught my eye as I rode slowly past the tents was a carved rock monolith fountain looking thing that must weigh about 500 pounds. Getting that home on my commuter bicycle would make an interesting blog post, certainly. Probably more interesting than one about tents IMBL. 

Like carrying home a 500 pound carved rock monolith fountain, I had higher hopes for the blog this week, but the sauce is weak currently. I am slow-cooking some stronger sauce on the back burner. Hope to serve it up soon. Perhaps a nice long bike ride will inspire the blog chef to hotter, more savory sauce. To turn the heat back up. To choose some interesting ingredients. As long as the ride doesn't require toting a 500 pound block of rock.

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