Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When It All Comes Together

Bespoke, personalized transport

Working work in progress

Utility bike for a tall person with a kid. Or...no, I just don't know.


  1. Wow..! That looks like one pretty tall bike....


  2. There's some things I love about it.

    Especially from the kid's perspective, instead of facing their parent's butt they're seeing the world, on a tall bike with a chauffer.

    That kid will remember the bike seat kludge their grownup made for them forever.

    (I don't get the rear-facing blinky on the down tube - not a criticism, the maker clearly knows what he's doing, I just haven't discerned it.)

  3. That is all you would ever need from a bicycle.

  4. Out of curiosity - those U racks look like if you unscrewed four nuts, that you could lift it up and cart off the still locked bike, to do with as you will when you get back home and lug it inside from the bed of your white pickup. Is the photo misleading or do they really secure racks to the pavement so poorly there? Some racks are that bad here.

  5. Steve A, those do appear to be two-hole flanges secured with basic nuts, lacking any anti-tamper features. My eye was also drawn to them, although I did not put a wrench on them to test. When I install the racks at my house, I will use either concrete spikes, or at least tamper-resistant fasteners.


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