Monday, January 2, 2012

Para Cord Zipper Pull Test Rides

The weather is so nice it seems like everyone is out riding

Most people were just out enjoying the weather, but not me, no. I have to make a test ride out of it...

Field test #1: para cord zipper pull with scaffold knot, warm and dry weather scenario

When the original metal zipper pull broke off the small camera case I keep at the ready so I can whip out my point-and-shoot camera to capture key shots for you, the reader, I didn't have a solution at the top of my mind. 

I actually tried a paper clip for a while. It was miserable. Worst idea ever. When younger daughter and I rode to the park together for a picnic (we smashed chicken Ceaser salad into fresh rolls I cut open with my pocket knife in order to make SMASHERS, yummy yummy see picture below), I asked her for ideas, and she suggested a safety pin. Which, compared to a paper clip, was brilliant, and workable as a temporary zipper pull, but I needed something better. Something soft on the fingers, yet durable. I have seen different zipper pulls made from para cord on various bags and stuff in the past, so I hit the webz and chose this easy knot. There are more complex knots but they also end up chunkier, (look up "lanyard knot zipper pull" for more on that front), but I just wanted something that would get the job done, and be aerodynamic and weigh less than five grams. [Do they make zipper pulls in carbon fiber with oversized knots for rigidity?]

I think it's a good video because it shows exactly how to make something simple that works for usage mentioned. In the comments on the video, Stormdrane mentions that the ends of the knot can pull loose. I couldn't seem to actually do that by pulling, but in response to that comment and since I am extra-cautious and don't want to obsess about the ends pulling out so much that I would keep pulling on them until they did come out, I threw in an overhand knot and pulled it tight, which feels secure enough for zipper pull duty. I checked out Stormdrane's blog, and it looks like there are plenty of more complex knots over there to check out for more interesting things to do with para cord, including some zipper pull alternatives. 

If this scaffold knot zipper pull doesn't hold up under these mid-70s Phoenix winter riding conditions, with the gentle breezes and bright sunshine, I'll move on to some of the more involved knots.

SMASHERS bicycle picnic lunch

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