Thursday, January 26, 2012

Found on Road: Bolt!

Grade: 5
Diameter: 1/2 inch
Length: 4 1/2 inches
Approximate retail price: 75 cents
Approximate retail price of 3 inch lift kit to man up your pickup truck: $600 to $1000
Value of using correct torque and Loctite on nuts: priceless

Grade: 5. Wait, why didn't they...oh nevermind


  1. That's a nice bolt.
    In a bolt kind of way.

    1. A post about a bolt needs a threaded comment

  2. Can't use that on my bike because the multi tool won't accept it. That Carradice bag has you picking up all kinds of stuff. Once you get rid of it, you'll be AMAZED at how strong and fast you have become.

    1. Steve so much road junk will fit into that bag and it expands in case I come across a random bike swap or used book sale.


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