Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bubbicular Cycling 101

Effective bubbicular cycling techniques are called for in this situation

All road users fare best when the combination of technique and facilities enable the control of speed and direction of motion such that each road user maintains an empty space or safety bubble around themselves and other road users. The optimal dimensions of the safety bubble is determined by closing speed, the longest reaction time, certain subjective factors like skill, experience, and confidence, and any established legal minimums. An additional margin is dictated by comparing and considering the relative risks, costs, and dangers posed to each of the various road users under given bubble incursion scenarios. A larger safety bubble would be indicated to mitigate greater risks. In addition, this approach gives insight into a decision process for adding facilities or infrastructure, based on the determination that considering all factors, the requisite proper safety bubbles would be impractically large either by exceeding human capabilities to visualize or maintain, or because they would exceed the available space of the right of way. Physical separating barriers are indicated in order to prevent safety space incursions when the requisite safety bubbles would be impractically large.

I coulda had a V8. But I sold it, don't need it. I am a practitioner of bubbicular coexistence.

A few items (a-hem) still on the to-do list:

  • Institute bubble-aware laws and techniques
  • Erect bubble-aware signage
  • Develop standard bubble establishment and preservation training curricula
  • Invent, patent, and sell electronic bubbicular sensing, monitoring, alerting, and provisioning devices
  • WARNING. HALT. ALTER YOUR DIRECTION AND OR SPEED. BUBBLE INCURSION IS IMMINENT [accompanied by VR projection of red danger field indication in area of impending bubble incursion]
  • Ultimately we're talking bubbicular force field here, but that may be a few years, and a few billion R&D dollars, in the future
  • Predictive bubble dynamics, heuristic and statistical algorithms for real-time bubble incursion prediction and avoidance
Be the bubble, my fellow cyclists. Avoid incursions. See the bubble you need and make it happen.

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