Friday, December 9, 2011

Steal This Light!

Perhaps a change in strategy is called for

Still no joy giving away lights to Cyclists of Darkness. Now, I'm not necessarily saying that the universe is taunting me or anything, but Thursday night's street census of potential takers was: one guy on a recumbent who could not have been illuminated more perfectly, with front, tail, and even beautiful side running lights, and, a car with no lights on. A car. Blasting down a busy street, no lights. I don't think my magenta flashy LEDs would help a car much.

With that kind of result, maybe a hippie-style free store, a LED commune of sorts, is called for, as limom suggested. Some place that people in need of flashy fixtures for their velocipedes could stop and stock up. Probably put some U-locks on the shelves, too. A few more nights of little to no COD action and I may become LEDdy Hoffman. It reminds me a lot of the fishing trips I went on as a kid, sitting in the boat for hours, catching nothing. 

While the street wasn't offering up any COD Thursday night, there was a deal on spare tires. Free for the taking, they were.


  1. You think you could mount that tire on a pugsley?

  2. Less poetic than giving them away on the street, but is there a day laborer center or a group that works with day laborers? At least when I lived in Houston, I saw a lot of day laborers and restaurant workers riding bikes without lights. I see less of that in Boston, maybe because the T is a good option for people who can't afford a car.

  3. Expanding on Cycler's comment, look behind local restaurants...

  4. I am in a similar fix! California bicyclists are really sensitive to cold, it turns out. The temperature dipped and they all disappeared. But I'm ready, man! I am...


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