Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tymco 600 Sweet Street Sweeper IMBL

Tymco 600: capacity of 7.3 cubic yards or 10,000 pounds of street junk I don't have to ride over/around/through

This is described as the only sweeper design on the market "with a true Regenerative Air System". Reading a bit about it in the link above, it's designed to NOT blow air that it uses to suck stuff up right back into the atmosphere, but instead filters it again and uses it to blow fine material out of cracks before it sucks the air back in again. This one is a Scottsdale sweeper, as opposed to the Phoenix sweeper which I spotted a few blocks west of here in this post, the one in which I was too upset by the disappearance of one of the yellow dogs to catch the make and model. This COS (City of Scottsdale) truck did a bang-up job of cleansing the bike lane of post-Halloween glass, candy wrappers, dried-up ectoplasm, and firework shreds. However, I was hoping they would bust out of their sweeper jurisdiction to go regeneratively suck up the glass shards over on the PHX side so I could stop riding around them every morning. No luck, of course. Still waiting to spot the sweeper with the big maroon phoenix bird on the side. Well, at least the Scottsdale side is clean now. Well swept, sir, well swept.

A deft curb-brushing maneuver


  1. jra send one here. bike lanes are left untouched except for a couple of seasonal sweeps. hunks of truck, astroturf - even one entire roll of real turf - i've passed so much i could fill a page with the odds and ends. i will stop for coins - anything over a quarter. what's your limit? steven

  2. I was thinking of riding around with a broom the other day, you know, for the glass.
    Then I thought where would I sweep it?
    I mean I just can't sweep it onto the grass.
    I just couldn't imagine myself riding around with a broom AND a dustpan.
    I think I need one of them.
    Street sweepers I mean.

  3. steven I did admittedly ride past a dime the other day. It seems I will always pick up tools, and anything odd-looking, for example a saguaro antenna topper even though I lack (at this point) an antenna.

    limom, me 2. I did buy a whisk broom dust pan combo a while back, but it's not like I have 7.3 cubic yards of cargo capacity.

  4. Wow, you have a street sweeper for your bike lane, AND it filters the air it sucks. That does NOT suck. Maybe one day this will happen in smaller cities...AFTER we get bike lanes (which incidentally, are unlikely to be paid for with tax revenue)(I'll open a cookie stand).

  5. Ben, indeed, it is a very pleasant arrangement to have these regenerative sweepers regularly decrapifying these streets. I eager to build stronger relationships with the entire sweeper subculture. If/when successful, I'll try to put in the good word for Benville.


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