Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tucson GABA Bike Swap Fall 2011 Photos: Have No Fear

Have no fear: bike swap is here, for all your parts needs

If there is one event during the year that gets me up earlier in the morning, or causes me to be giddier, I can't think of it. Christmas morning? My birthday? Nope, nothing compares with the GABA bike swap in Tucson. The weather was perfect, the drive down from PHX was unproblematic, the coffee from the Peddler on the Path van kicked it, and the Sonoran hot dogs somehow were better than last year. Fresher ingredients? Different recipe? Don't know, don't care, it was all very good indeed. And many, many parts and tools were bargained for and purchased at reduced to bargain prices. Here's what caught my eye this year.

The coolest bicycle rack on this planet.

Coffee and bike swap go together perfectly

U should come dwn hr NOW!

The bike is $299. I'll sell you the leftovers for six bucks.

Drive thru.


So very orange

It hauls kids and has a special compartment for the sous-vide machine.

Carbon bargain

The beginning of an obsession?

Swap booty, including my best bargain: Nitto B115 bars for $5. Also very happy with the XTR brake/shifters tho.

So very green

So very bent
Updated with cleaned-up wrenches more suited to the start of an obsession


  1. jra you live in the most awesome place int he world you lucky man!!! outstanding post brother. steven

  2. So jealous.
    I been thinking of some cone wrenches.

  3. Between the wrenches and bar - SCORE!

  4. You picked up some cool stuff. I'd love a set of those wrenches.

  5. You got a photo of my butt. I was the guy with the orange bakfiets. Would have liked to have run into you.

  6. I had no idea Tucson was such a bike center.

  7. steven as a Phoenician my only nitpick is that Tucson is a little too far away, while Tucsonians would probably say that Phoenix is a little too close.

    limom, Steve A, RTP, the wrenches and bar were a score, and will definitely be put to good use., thanks for linking to this post! The swap was great, then afterwards I read the information via your site that the event will probably be moving due to the rail construction. I'm sure it will continue stronger than ever, and I just hope that 4th Ave doesn't get Tempe-tized.

    Chafed, I didn't either. It's due in large part to UofA, of course. You have to see this swap to believe it, though, it's so huge.

  8. post on the last swap on 4th Ave:

  9. John, I would have enjoyed that cup of coffee (although I think the next one is on me!). I had to miss the bike swap this year due to a work event. As many who attended, I would have gone without any needs, but likely would have purchased something.

    See you next year!

  10. Big Clyde, if/when they move the swap to a new location, I only hope we can locate the coffee van. And the Sonoran hot dog stand. I'll take you up on that coffee!


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