Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tandem Bicycle Commuting Mystery Machine: What's In That Box?

Please ignore poor photo quality, grabbed across traffic while simultaneously going WhAAAaaaaat??

I've seen my share of repurposed bicycles in the world, from hog carrier to portable blade sharpening system to barber shop on wheels to beer keg transportation. In one southern city in China, I saw a bicycle modified nicely to tow a balance scale on which the proprietor would weigh you for a small fee. But the modified tandem in the photo I took, above, has me stumped. With a wheel mounted sideways, and some sort of protuberance(s) sticking off the front, I'm not sure or even slightly certain about What's In That Box (WITB).

Only two things I am pretty sure about regarding this machine, in fact: if I see him again (and I marked well the time and place of his passing, not that this is a stalking deal, but I gots to know) I'm chasing him down and doing an aggressive OSG investigative interview, and also, that it is probably some sort of work-related, money-making business on wheels setup. Probably. Technically this is bicycle commuting, if that's the case. WITB bicycle commuting.

So....What's In That Box? Theories? Your sketches of how a PTO (power take-off) arrangement works with this particular box would be very welcome. Where he parks, does some mechanical reconfiguring, and is able to pedal the tandem and power, say, an ice cream maker inside the box. For example. Which would be awesome.

Whatever is in that box, I'm pretty sure that front suspension fork is unnecessary. I could chat with him about that, too. Unless he is riding out to deliver bikemade ice cream to mountain bikers. Whoa.


  1. Perhaps he is simply catering a big lunch.

  2. i bet you he flew home . . . a sewing machine motor and an ultralight bicycle . . . the perfect combo!!!! steven

  3. Steve A, just so I know, does everything start to remind you of lunch around late morning?

    I'll keep my eyes open for the HMMM Box on my Search for Knowledge.

  4. looks a little funny. i always just put My dog in my basket.
    i like the idea of food delivery to hungry MTBers, though.

  5. Mr Trashbike, I just have to go find that guy and find out WITB!!


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