Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Phoenix Fall Color

If I were planning to enter the contest, I would consider this one

Can't decide if I should enter the Autumn tree smackdown contest or not. Oh, the pressure. We don't get many leaves changing color, preferring ours to be evergreen else pointy and/or spiny, and our Autumn is more like summer in other places. But it is November, these are trees, there was color, so perhaps this would work. Or, it can just stand for itself, uncompetitive. If you stand at your computer right now and applaud, our OSG applause meters will register your approval, and I'll enter it. Otherwise, it will just remain a fine capture of some crazy sunset colors.


  1. If you enter this, I'll enter the Tabernacle tree.

  2. Great trees....great colours......ENTER IT..!

  3. this morning i rode through what the weather channel calls "ice fog". the temp - minus one celsius. the trees are fifty per cent naked. colours are muted - especially through my sunglasses (aint' takin' them off 'till christmas!) i look at your trees and see colour and well . . .trees and i say enter damn it and win!!! steven

  4. JRA has sent me email entring this pic, which I am happy to accept.

    I'm a loud clapper... how did I do on the OSG meter?

  5. Steve A, it looks like you'll enter the Tabernacle tree.

    Trevor, thanks, I have done so.

    steven, ice fog. I'm saying it, I'm thinking it, I'm sending you my best warm encouragement, but I'm not riding thru that myself.

    RANTWICK, et. al., the OSG clapometer registered enough clapping to push it over the edge, with additional points given for wide geographic dispersion.


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