Monday, November 21, 2011

7th Ave Tunnel in Phoenix Update: Forests of Naked Rebar

View through the fence, 11/20/11

In a comment back on August 17, I speculated on a January, 2012 completion for this tunnel, based on its progress to that point, and taking into account how long similar projects like the Goldwater Pedestrian Underpass and the tunnel by Chaparral Plaza in Scottsdale took to complete. Based on the progress as of November 20, I may not have been far off. There's still a lot of rebar exposed, waiting to be encased in artfully textured concrete. Looking down into the site, I got a sense of how complex a project the constructors face in putting a tunnel under an existing roadway, with an existing canal on one side and a drainage diversion channel on the other.

I was surprised to see the ramp out the north side reaches the curve.


I'm still holding out hope that this guy is going to show up on-site soon, or, that he will be embedded as an optical illusion in the wall of the tunnel. He looks so happy to be going through a tunnel under 7th Ave, doesn't he?

Artist's rendering of 7th Ave tunnel from the public meeting poster


  1. I'm impressed by the info sign advising trail users what to do while construction is ongoing. There's nothing similar here.

  2. Steve, that sign is nice, and except for the 180+90+90=360 degrees of turning needed to get over there, the other side of the canal is a fine place to ride. Also I keep encountering pedestrians and other cyclists coming from the other direction as I cross the narrow sidewalk across the canal bridge. Just sayin.

  3. Hey, it's January 25th... updates for 2012???

  4. Hi MrTruett, I went out there this weekend, they are currently forming and pouring the pillars that will make up the barrier on the top of the tunnel walls. If they rock and roll, I would bet they could finish by Feb 29. If there's more to do than meets the eye, longer.


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