Saturday, October 29, 2011

Voting by Bicycle for Yum Yum Mayors

Advertisement and campaign poster rolled into one

I filled out my mail-in early ballot in the Phoenix, mayoral election, slid it into my trunk bag, and dropped it into the mail box on my commute into work. I was only slightly influenced by the Suzy poster--after all, they have almost identical ones up for the opposing candidate too. Still, they appeal to me for some reason.

Mailing it in


  1. Somehow, I suspect endorsement of a raw fish and seaweed purveyor might not sway everyone.

  2. i love sushi but "suzy stingray"?! really?!!!!! steven

  3. I take it you're not impressed by the Tea Party endorsed candidate, eh, JRA?

  4. Steve A, you can wasabi some of the people some of the time...

    steven, she's also appeared on bus stop ads and other places. I'll let you know when she's on youtube...

    limom, well spotted.

    BluesCat, I was struck in this election by the general competence of both candidates in the run-off, with some factors to recommend either one. As a side note, though, the PHX mayoral election is non-partisan, so parties that get involved and start endorsing particular candidates are missing the boat. Since it's supposed to be solely based on merit, a party which may have negative connotations for some voters (tea or dem or repub or lib or whatever) may be distracting voters from a candidate's merits by tagging them with an endorsement. In the case of negative sushi associations, well, Suzy's signs are up for both candidates equally, far as I can tell.


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