Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Fortuna, my own challenges are trivial

Pausing to reflect

Feeling a little beat after a sleep-deprived flat-out work weekend, and rocking a little stubborn bronchitis, I rolled up behind the stopped school bus along with several vehicles. I wrote this post several ways in my head, and I'll just go for the straight up approach: the bus driver was lowering a wheel chair lift. A kid, probably a third or fourth grader, in a motorized wheel chair of a type indicating that he can't really control or move very much on his own, rolled up with his mom and waited for the lift. He rolled on, lifted up, and rolled into position. Mom handed the driver a giant backpack, probably filled with important accessories, and the bus rolled away.

To do that every day. That kid has more strength than I do, and is far braver. I remember third grade as tough enough and I could run and jump and was a good student. The bus moment put stuff into perspective. I didn't feel tired any more, I felt incredibly fortunate, and that whatever I may have thought of as my own challenges at that moment were actually trivial, insignificant, and rather unimportant. I rode to work fast from there, to feel the wind, and the sunshine, and the spinning. Because I can, and I appreciated that immensely. That kid in the wheel chair on the bus: the bravest, and strongest, person I encountered all day.



  1. I rolled up to the Robber Baron bank a few days ago to visit with the atm Robot and sitting by the door was a young lady waiting in a power chair for the bank to open. She was alone and appeared to be occupied in her own head. I said "good morning" followed by "do you need assistance?".The light came on in her face and she lit up the day. I did not for a moment think I was more fortunate than her. She dispelled any feeling like that with her light. I imagine she does that to everyone and everyday. I have doubts that if our rolls were reversed I could do that.

  2. thanks for this post. i've been dealing with some contentment issues lately. just trying to be happy with what i've got and for what i've got. we watched this video in church this sunday it's pretty funny:

  3. I've often said that I feel like a real wimp whenever I punk out and go to work in the car rather than ride. Especially when you consider that weather in Phoenix is really a non-factor.

    Now, JRA, with your post to remember, I'm always going to feel REALLY EXTRA wimpy.

  4. How full my head of useless thoughts, I wrote here once. Contentment issues, a little familiar with them myself sometimes, just ride. Only spin. Ride ride ride.


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