Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Maui Beach Cruiser

It may seem a little pricey, although it appears to be around the going rate for a new bike. Assembly was super-easy, requiring only a stick and an empty stretch of sand in Maui. Performance didn't seem that great, since it didn't seem to be able to take me anywhere else, but that's actually OK, since I didn't want to go anywhere else. Also, I found it to be particularly susceptible to salt water, which wore it out pretty quickly. All in all, though, I found it challenging to study this model's characteristics due to the pounding surf and all the kite surfers tearing through the waves pulled by the stiff and constant winds. Further study may be required in order to produce the thoroughness and quality of review that you, the reader, have come to expect. Further installments will be coming when I get around to it. First, though, it may be crucial to become much more familiar with this "beach" environment in order to truly understand the critical requirements of this machine. I was told by a local that the best way to start was to stay on this empty beach until well after sunset, in order to learn not only the important environmental factors, but also the cultural and culinary setting, which seems to require sitting around a fire and eating lots of food.


  1. lotsa grit in the teeth! steven

  2. Did you use a bike store stick or did you just use a nonprofessional stick?

  3. Maui shmawee.
    Flat Tire Land is where it's happening!

  4. I lived there once upon a time in another life but in the forerunner of this body.
    Enjoy but be aware my DNA is everywhere.

  5. Nice fair-weather cruiser, but I wouldn't take it out in the rain. It doesn't have fenders. Plus, it would dissolve.

  6. You should clean the cahin, looks sandy. :)

  7. Hmm. 26" or 700c wheels, JRA?

    And how do those off-center wheel hubs work for ya?


  8. Steve I used a Park Tool BS-1 tool.

    limom, if you can't be on the island you love, love the island you're with.

    OldFool I think one of your offspring took my snorkeling.

    RANTWICK, cycles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually.

    Steven and Dan, it turns out that volcanic sand is a great chain lubricant for sand bikes.

    BluesCat, those are special 700s wheels, with hubs engineered so that when you are laying on the ground next to your bike looking up at them, they appear exactly centered.


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