Friday, October 21, 2011

My Glimpse of Flat Tire Land

Somewhere, out there, Kailua, with steel frames and Italian bicycle parts...

On my recent trip to Hawaii, I had a brief glimpse of the general vicinity of Flat Tire Land, basically one zip code over, looking from Makapu'u Point. More or less, I took this photo from not too far from where limom took his photos of this same area. This was my first extended trip to the islands, and I wish I could have spent more time. Riding around, sitting on the beaches longer, watching the surfers, checking out this corner of paradise. Perhaps even taking a ride with limom himself. Maybe next time. What an amazing place though. 

Just as we were getting ready to leave to go to the airport, I saw this girl with her bike-mounted surfboard, barefoot, getting ready to go out in the late afternoon.That was one of the memorable things about this visit, so many people who were clearly highly skilled surfers just there to surf, compared to some other beaches in other states and countries where a lot of people talk about surfing, dress and try to act like surfers, but strangely spend less time on their boards on big waves. I guess that's a corollary to having expensive bikes hanging on your garage wall that you never ride. I'm not saying that since I ride my bicycle every day I have some kind of connection to surfers who surf every day. Although if I moved to Hawaii I might surf every day. Or ride my bike every day in order to surf every day. Although one guy who clearly knew what he was doing pulled out a five gallon container of water out of his pickup, and showered off the salt after he was done surfing, right beside the road, and I'm not sure where the five gallon container of water would go on the bike. Maybe in the trailer. Or a bakfiets surf bike water container box. Aw yeah. 

Hawaiian surfing equipment check


  1. So close.
    Did you bathe in the power of the Italian alloy goodness, whose light shines far and wide?

    Surfer Poseurness is against the law here, punishable by extreme public ridicule.
    Surf folks invented hardcore.

  2. Mark it was awesome :p

    limom, I came, I saw, I bathed in the power of Italian steel. Almost as good as I came, I saw, I surfed, or, I came, I saw, I rode with limom...


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