Friday, October 28, 2011

Attending the Big Screen Premier of RECHARGE / In Flux in Scottsdale

From "The Ceramic Jungle" by Pete Goldlust, which was part of the IN FLUX installations in Scottdale

Thursday night I attended the Big Screen Premier of RECHARGE, which you can also watch online, here. I attended because, and this list is in no particular order whatsoever, there was free popcorn, I could ride my bike to it, several artists whose work I like a lot were there, there was free popcorn, and it sounded like an interesting set of presentations. Free popcorn.

Fausto Fernandez was there, the artist who did "Flowing Overlapping Gesture", which I posted about way back in January of 2010. Boy does that seem like a long time ago. I still like that particular post a great deal. One thing he mentioned at the BIG SCREEN PREMIER was that the monster storm that hit in the middle of his installation affected his plans. I remember that storm for a couple of reasons, too: it was one of the last times, if not the last time (I don't remember for certain) that I drove my car to work, and, it pretty much destroyed the roof on my house. I'm not exaggerating, it was a series of storms of epic proportion, which even the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) considered notable enough to study, here. Imagine Fausto installing his first big public art piece, which involved huge pieces of styrofoam in a temporarily dry irrigation canal, while this was going on (quoting from the NOAA):

"A series of three low pressure systems traversed Arizona during the week of 18-23 January 2010, causing extreme snowfall, intense rainfall, and strong winds, which combined to cause widespread impacts to the people and infrastructure of the state. Heavy snow was primarily confined to elevations above 6,500 feet, with record flooding below 5,500 feet south and west of the Mogollon Rim (Gila, Maricopa, and Yavapai Counties). The third event in the series, which occurred primarily on 21 January 2010, was, by far, the most intense: this storm brought record low barometric pressure readings, unusually heavy precipitation, anomalously strong surface gradient winds with dense blowing dust, and isolated severe thunderstorms. A tornado was confirmed near the Arizona border town of Blythe, California."

"Flowing Overlapping Gesture" had some crazy colors in it, but I still remember looking up through the mesh on the top of the bridge at those pliers on that cloudy day and seeing only monochromes and raindrops:


I also learned the secret of the EKLbearmy, which made me laugh and smile on my whole bicycle ride home on this warm Arizona night. Tara Logsdon explained how she saves stuffed bears from thrift stores and performs operations on them to revitalize them with other recycled materials. Check out the web site of Dr Logsdon, it will warm your weary soul. Her explanation of why she does this with stuffed bears in the Jackalope Ranch 100 Creatives story is similar to what she said at the BIG SCREEN PREMIER: "I am strongly opposed to mass production and consumption. I feel like we live in such a disposable culture without any remorse. When I go into a thrift store and I see all these bears who once belonged to someone who loved them now face down, left for dead, WREAKING of that awful cinnamon air freshener smell, I just want to rescue them." She posed several divisions of her EKLbearmy in one of the store windows of IN FLUX, unfortunately, I don't think I captured a shot of it. You can see its bearful wondrousness in the video, and also on the SPA site.

There's a lot more that I should relate if I were a good reporter, like how Margaret Bruning is leaving for a job in LA and all Scottsdale Public Art fans are going to miss her, but right now I'm just a wiped out bicyclist who was able to spend an hour or so Thursday getting a brain refresh from a bunch of very talented and visionary people who implanted visions of future public art that can dance in my dreams. Oh, and Fausto Fernandez's next public art installation will be a floor at the new Skytrain terminal at the airport, in March, I think he said. Which is right along the way of my Tri-City Tour bike route, so I'm sure I'll stop by and take a look.   


  1. Was free popcorn a consideration? I'm told that even we are trainable!

  2. Steve, free popcorn did play a role, yes. And it was tasty free popcorn at that.


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