Saturday, September 10, 2011

Verde Finale: Gliding on Mingus, Labor Day 2011

This post is the GRAND FINALE of the chronicles of my Verde Valley bicycling adventures, the record-breaking blog mini-series (I'm in talks currently with the Reality TV people) which recounts in photos and pictures the travels of our intrepid cyclist John Romeo Alpha in, around, and above Cottonwood, Arizona on his faithful iron mountain bike, Bip. Dedicated to the proposition that these rides were Fun and Interesting, this post caps off an Epic Week of Internet-based glory on two wheels. Something like that. Here's the rest of the photos! The four of you who have been checking them out will feel a sense of relief and closure to see this final post to wrap it all up a neat floaty bow. Floating on the wind. Free as a bird. Drifting here and there. Whoosh.


Here's a video panorama of the Verde Valley taken from the launch point. It was an incredible day up there, perfect temperature for cycling, although not so great for gliding since it clouded over and they all packed it in soon after this. The mountain air was tough to give up and return to the heat of the Valley, but once I got back I realized I missed it.


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