Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two-wheeled Flower Report

Butterfly Sunflower Thistle

Current Arizona flower update: yes, we still have flowers. And some butterflies and bees visiting them. I post this as part of a stubborn fixation on summer, even as it slips inexorably away. But I noticed that the ground in parts of the state is still dense with thistle and wild sunflowers (which until sent down the right path by Flagstaff mega-blogger She Rides a Bike, I thought were Black-eyed Susans, which they are not). I've noticed the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping a bit, but I don't like where we're headed with this

Summer: please don't go. This week dropped below 100F which is refreshing, but happy to report that we'll be back in the 100s for a few more days. A few last days of summer. Sigh. At least we still have flowers. Gather ye nectar while ye may, my butterflies.

Wild sunflower: Arizona's way of taunting Winter: you got nothin


  1. I'm with you about the weather, though the coming of cold is eased in my case by all the winter goodies I got at a major discount early in the summer. It means the tags will finally come off...

  2. The days are getting shorter already.
    My summer is gone.

  3. Steve, another episode like the deep freeze that we had last winter, and I may be moving further south rather than digging into the warm drawer for more layers. My bliss lives at the hot end of the temperature scale. I like the feel of the warm stuff for about five minutes. Then I start looking at a map.

    limom, I can relate. At least we don't have to hang up our bikes for the winter, though.


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