Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer that woman knows how to make me do crazy things

You will forgive me for wondering what it would be like...

Autumn always sounds to me like some semi-celebrity you meet randomly in a hotel bar (called the Equinox) when there's surprisingly good piano jazz music playing, a special on the freshest oysters on the half-shell you've ever had, everything is going better than you expected, and then she shows up and everything really goes better than you expected. 

Hey, Autumn, how you doin? I think in that scene it's also expected that mind and body are in perfect comfortable relaxation, everything seems as pretty OK as it could possibly be, and the temperature is not 107F. Somehow, the thought that they have the thermostat in that comfortable piano bar where Autumn hangs out set to 107F kinda ruins it. It could be that there is some good bar business reason parallel to free salty peanuts for setting the thermostat at 107F, but somehow I just don't think Autumn would hang out there if they did that. 

In fact I asked Autumn about that and she replied, in her sultry voice that sounds a bit like leaves rustling on a dark street on a cool night, "Not my thing, sugar, that's more what that (inappropriate term) Summer goes for." Oh Summer, you hot blonde wild woman, I think our time together this year has run its course, so please stop using your tricks to get the bartender to turn up the temperature to 107F. No more record heat baby, no more setting records. I got some cool Fall bicycle rides to do with Autumn, she's murmuring her darker schemes and more private dreams, and I'm inclined to go along with them. I've already felt her near on these cooler morning commutes into work, she's lurking around her somewhere.

What's that Summer? One more swim on a hot day, one more chance to drive the bike off the bank on a whim just once, to see what it's like, just once? Summer, you crazy woman. You crazy. Summer: you just took my shirt off, stop that. Yours too? OK, you're gettin through, you're getting your point across, and I know you won't give up the hot days until I go along with it, OK, OK. Hey, Autumn, come back, no, it's not like that, she's leavin' soon, she always does, you know how it goes, she's just got to get it out of her system and I'm telling you, a quick dip in the cold water sometimes satisfies her. Sometimes she just pulls me under though. Summer baby, we're swimming, we're swimming one more time. Autumn, I'm going to call you soon, I got your number.



  1. JRA,

    I think you might have been in the sun too long today mate. ;-)

    But seriously, great post. Thankyou. :)

  2. Summer, one quick fling and then she's gone.

  3. Weee, doggies! Yeah!

    Y'know, sometimes that hottie, Summer, hangs around SO long in Phoenix --- blinding me with her brightness --- that it makes it tough for me to tell the difference between Autumn and Winter when they come sauntering up.

    Then, when I'm rolling in the flowers with Spring, I can't remember cuddling in the cool bosom of Winter at all!

  4. Brad Rowden excessive sun/heat exposure is very likely. Entering a lizard-like state, I find the suction cups on my toes have eliminated the need for cleats, I just have to make sure to keep my tail out of the rear wheel.

    limom, the song "Closing Time" should be played at high volume at this point.

    AZBluesCat, lemonade stands in December add to the confusion, but I'm willing to work through that sort of mixup.


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