Friday, September 30, 2011

Smoldering Blob Overtakes Bike Lane

Behold the menacing form

Squinting into the setting sun, all I could see ahead was a smoldering blob that appeared to be consuming the bike lane. It also seemed to be formed from olive branches and mud. I've heard of that, from Spain I think, or possibly Malta, somewhere in that neighborhood, around sunset long after summer should have ended, the heat just builds up and builds up until the branches leap off the trees, form smoldering blobs about six feet high and twenty feet long, and blob around the bike lanes slurping up vespas and electric bikes. It belched approvingly at me as I pedaled past. From deep inside, I thought I heard the dying whir of a digesting electric bike. I once saw one of these leap across two lanes of traffic to gobble up one of those cruisers with the add-on gas engines. Yummy.



  1. Good gracious that is a stunning photo. I wouldn't want to get any closer, though, for fear it might eat me. Or that a burning bush might call down the wrath of god. One of the two.

  2. Electric bikes: no nutritional value.

  3. I'M MORE concerned about those two little white eyes in the upper, left-hand corner of the bush. See 'im?

    Obviously, what's gonna GET ya is using the bush as camouflage.

  4. We all see different things. I notice that passing motorist is staying well clear of the bush's door zone.

  5. veesee, thanks! I did make a full lane change to pass it.

    limom, hmmm, I thought they had some fiber.

    BlueCat, those eyes, THANKS for pointing those out. They're watching me.

    Steve, I would be more worried about a gelatinous leafy pod launching out of the side of the blob, similar to a gecko tongue, to snare the unsuspecting. Full lane change warranted.


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